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Abandon all hope ye who cheer for the maroon and white

the rules...
1. Your post will be deleted if any of the following occur.....
A) It contains the word "groovy."
B) You refer to 21 year olds as "kids."
C) Excessive use of emoticons. By excessive, we mean more than one.
D) Use of posticons in the subject line of the post.
E) Use any acronyms to tell us that it's your opinion. Acronyms such as BTW (by the way) will be accepted whereas things like IMHO, IMO, FWIW, and the like will not be tolerated.
F) Use of the phrase, "If you've got a problem with (any coach or athletic administrator), why don't you call him yourself."
G) Use of the phrase, "That was a classy post", "Classless Post", "Typical (name your hated rival) classlessness", or any other sentence with the term "class" in it.
H) Use of the phrase "This isn't the place to comment on that."

2. You say it's your birthday? We don't care.

3. Remember that story about Jesus saying if you pray, pray in silence, for those who flaunt prayer have already received their reward? If you feel the need to beseech the posters here for their prayers, feel free. However, anyone who responds with "You have my prayers" or such will be deemed a Pharisee and cast from the temple.

4. Hey, how have you been? We don't care.

5. Posting of rumors, innuedo, second hand knowledge, he said/she said, and the like are not only allowed, they are encouraged. Feel free to share any info you feel is solid. Be aware that being wrong opens you up for endless ridicule.

6. Have you seen the pics of my new baby/dog/wife? No, and further, we really don't care.

7. Comments on coaching and or playing are welcome no matter what your experience level in any sport.

8. Booing a post, player, coach, fan, or whatever is tolerated. If they can't handle booing, they shouldn't step into the spotlight.

9. This is a sports message board. Non-sports posts should go to the non-sports board. We don't have a non-sports board, so therefore, you should leave now.

10. Any post that refers to any news source as a media outlet that is anti-Mississippi State or biased towards Ole Miss will not be tolerated. Also, after reading an article you don't like, you are forbidden to say you will cancel your subscription to that news source. Rescinded 5/22/2016

11. Any mention of Margaret Thatcher leads to immediate banishment.

12. Any befriending of people from Oregon (i.e. letting them come stay with you) will not be tolerated.

13. Bad players shall be referred to as GPAA's.

14. Any poster who says in his or her post that they are leaving the board will be taken at face value and banned immediately to save them the trouble.

15. Hey, did you see this new game! My high score was....hey.hey...HEY!!! We don't care.

16. You can discover all you need to know about MSU ringtones at

17. One of the rules we actually enforce...Please no f-bombs in the subject line.

18. Educated disparagement of public figures and institutions is encouraged. However, applying stupid nicknames to them is not. In the spirt of the preceding sentence, the following words are also banned: webels; rebnecks; old piss, and all variants thereof; ole siss, and all variants thereof; ole mrs., and all variants thereof; "the school up north" or any variation or acronym of it; doggies; puppies; leghumpers; UManning; Little Ricky; Stains; Thug U

19. The six pack is always right.


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