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six pack questionnaire...
In an effort as to not incur a security breach, asks that you kindly fill out this questionnaire to determine the worthiness of you becoming a member of the Six Pack. Please give these questions an immense amount of thought as they will be used in our very detailed application process. Good Luck and God Speed.

1.Do you believe that the Swan is a viable and credible journalist?
Yes No

2.Do you wear a MSU jersey to the game even though you are over the age of 14?
Yes No

3. Do you start "one man rallies" besides the ones that are done in either your bedroom or shower?
Yes  No

4. Do you frequently wear black jeans or blue jean shorts?
Yes No

5. Do you believe the words of one Roy McLain?
Yes No

6. (Non Sports but relative) In the great Van Halen feud did you side with Van Halen or Lee Roth?     
Van Halen  Lee Roth


7. Do you feel Jackie Sherrill deserved another year to turn things around?
Yes  No

8. Are you offended by the sight of half naked women?      
Yes No


9. Do you think Jack Cristil went too far with his sarcasm this football season?              
Yes No

10. Would you wear a MSU t-shirt purchased between the years 1984-1989 in public?       
Yes  No


11. Do you feel that Rusty Hampton and the Clarion Ledger are out to get MSU and you have claimed to cancel your subscription on more than one occasion?
Yes  No


12. Do you get tired of the "rap" music at the football games and wished they would play more songs like Wooly Booly and YMCA?              
Yes  No

13. (Non Sports but relative) Do you understand the humor of Adam Sandler?
No  Yes


14. Do you still feel that Jackie Sherrill is the best we can do?
Yes  No


15. Do you have friends from Oregon that you met on the internet?
Yes  No

16. Do you consider a 21 year old a kid?
Yes  No


17. Even though Kevin Fant lost many more games than he won, do you consider him a winner?
Yes  No


18. Do you consider winning 2 bowl games and losing 4 bowl games going .500?
Yes  No

19. Do you feel Ole Miss players are criminals when they are arrested and State criminals I mean State players are innocent when they are arrested?
Yes  No


20. Is your name All4paws, DitkasDame, yubnhd, Florida Dawg,Hugh4Music, Gene, Roy or is your last name McDonnell?
Yes  No

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